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Ventilation Fans


General Specifications

Axial fans are referred as JET Fan; in other words, these are DRIVING FORCE fans.

They are designed to create strong air movements in places with large space. They are developed in order to create air movement without using air channels in places such as indoor parking buildings, tunnels, etc. Fds-jt-268 can be used at air temperatures ranging between -20°C / +40°C. Fds-jt-628 can be used at temperatures up to 400°C. They are designed in a very special way so that they can produce uninterrupted smoke exhaust even when they work in flames. They have F400-120 characteristics. F400-120 has CE sign and is certified. Jet Fan series consist of 5 different diameters between 400 mm and 630 mm. As a standard, fans are two-way and have aluminium blades. It has mains power connection terminal. It has hot dip galvanized coating. Suction and exhaust sides have sound absorbers made of galvanized steel sheets. Suction and exhaust sides have protective wire-mesh and/or flow directing panel. Both fan body and connection brackets are made of steel sheets. Both fan body and connection brackets are hot dip galvanized as a single piece. 7 different body types are available in different dimensions. All models are standard two-way. Fan blades are made of high quality aluminium casting. Motor is three-phased, bi-polar, three-phased, two speed, 2/4 polar depending on the model. Motor is TJFT series, IP55 class and with Class F insulation. Motor is TJHT series, IP55 class and with Class H insulation.


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