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Air Handling Unit


Modular, flexible, energy efficient Air Handling Units designed to be used in spaces that require acclimatized air conditions (such as hotels, shopping malls, business centres, hospitals, etc.) on 7/24 basis, that have heating, cooling, moistening and dehumidifying function within 1700 – 100.000 m³/h air flow rate are offered for appreciation of our distinguished customers.


Panel and Body Structure

Internal and external panels are made of galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminium and PVC coated sheet metals. Polyurethane, glass wool and rock wool filling materials are applied between sandwich panels in order to provide heat and sound isolation in units.



Profile Structure

Profiles used in external structure are 6063_AlMgSi0.5 Aluminium extrusion; corner and omega pieces that join external structure are fully compliant with profile structure and made of polyamide materials. EPDM leak-proof gaskets are placed on panel surfaces in order to attain full leak-proof property.



Mechanical Features

Air handling units are produced according to EN 1886 standards, by performing Body Strength, Airtightness, (+) 700 Pa and (-) 400 Pa, Filter By-Pass Ratio, Thermal Transmittance and Thermal Bridges tests.

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