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Industrial Air Dryer


Pressurized air produced by compressor contains condensable relative humidity. A compressor, producing 20m3/1 air at 8 bar, working 8 hours with 75% capacity and sucking air with 70% humidity at 20℃, sends approximately 80 liters water.



MTA developed energy saving technology MP series (Smart Automatic Water Discharge) in accordance with European standards and environmental needs in order to prevent the damage caused by condensation water without wasting pressurized air. Pressurized air, saturated during suction, is subjected to first cooling at air exchanger by means of dried cold air.


Second cooling stage occurs in the evaporator where air reaches to adjusted condensation point. All condensation water separated during cooling stage is processed automatically by a level sensor system and discharged.


Generated pressurized air is sufficiently dry and suitable for most of the industrial operations. Dryers with Coolants are ideal for general purpose applications which do not need high quality pressurized air due to their investment and maintenance costs. Efficiency of those equipment differs according to design of exchanger used, structure of motor and pump group and type of coolant.


Main characteristics of our gas type pressurized air dryers, which differentiates them from similar products on the market are that they operates without any problem and provides savings to the user due to their very low energy consumption.

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