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Marine Chiller


FDS Chiller devices are designed to produce and supply cold water in summer and hot water in winter to FDS Fan Coil Units. Generally they are installed in engine room and smart control system is provided by Carel control system. With its 304 class chrome fitting and case it has a perfect compliance to sea water conditions. With its 90/10 Cu-Ni Shell - tube condenser and 316 class plate type heat exchanger your FDS device will have long product life although its being subject to sea water conditions.


Digitally controlled FDS devices are produced as a single module and higher capacities are provided by integration of modules with each other. In this way capacities up to 500,000 btu/h or higher can be attained.


Beside easy transport, modular system enables continuation of chiller water without any interruption during maintenance and servicing of all components very easily. Inverter versions of our AWC series chillers control capacity through proportional control. In this way a lower start up current is needed and saving in power consumption is attained. Therefore, for such economic solutions please ask for information on our inverter versions.


To summarize some advantages provided by our Chiller units;


  • Enables heating and cooling of a larger number of rooms,

  • With modular system, providing services for all components with ease and non-interruption of work during servicing

  • Having heat pump a standard,

  • Having high strength against sea water and therefore ashigh product life,

  • Separate control unit for each acclimatized room,

  • Lower start up power need for our Inverter AWC models and lower power consumption.



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