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Refrigerant Systems


Cold Rooms

Cold rooms can be designed for meat or vegetable products or deep-freeze for frozen foodstuffs, for preserving health products or for your special preservation needs.



Cold Room Doors

Hinged cold room doors are generally produced by using surface. They can also be produced by using different sheet materials. They are prepared to be the same as surface sheets. They can be produced with different threshold heights according to places of use.



Cooling Devices

Cooling devices are produced in 33 different models within 1198 Watt – 14590 Watt range cooling capacity, according to cold and frozen preservation conditions. They are with hermetic compressor and air cooled or sea water cooled condensers. They are cased according to outdoor weather conditions. They comply with European Union norms and produced with CE sign. External unit is delivered as nitrogen charged. They are dispatched in ready to be installed condition together with electric distribution panel and all automatic control elements.



Cold Room Panels

Industrial cold room panels are produced according to CE and ISO standards with a standard 111 cm width and lengths ranging between 50 cm to 1000 cm. Panel thicknesses are 50 – 60 – 80 – 100 – 120 – 150 – 180 and 200 mm; consisting of three main materials; polyurethane, surface coating and eccentric locking material. We have several alternatives of surface coatings according to your demands.

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